I’d Like To Be Your Source For Quality Personal Protection

I started “The Prudent Warrior” to sell top quality self-defense products.  Aptly named “Prudent Warrior Sell of Defense Products” the site can be found at: http://www.theprudentwarrior.com.   We sell stun guns, pepper spray, batons, knives, kubotan, self defense keychains, tactical pens, surveilance cameras, hidden cameras, dummy cameras, security scanners, animal repellents, home alarms, personal alarms, safety lights, digital recorders and much more.  The dictionary defines prudent as exercising sound judgement or common sense. No one ingredient could be more important when selecting a means to protect yourself, your family and your property. I’ve always had an interest in helping others as well as issues relating to self defense, safety and security. Prudent Warrior Self Defense Products addresses all these issues. http://www.theprudentwarrior.comhttp://www.theprudentwarrior.com

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